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Whole Life Kicks takes 3rd at Hermitage Kickball Tournament!

This past Saturday a team of Whole Life Services staff and family competed in the Inaugural Hermitage Adult Kickball Tournament. The tournament took place at the Hermitage Athletic Complex and consisted of ten different teams from around the valley. Whole Life's team of 12 players had a blast preparing for the tournament in the weeks leading up to it, and enjoyed the friendly competition between the local teams. Jonathan Richardson agreed with his teammates about the nostalgia of the game. "I haven't played since I was a kid; it was awesome! We had a good time with good people around!" He is excited about the prospect of playing again next year. "We definitely want to get a stronger team, and this time we're trying to win!" CEO, Cindy Vogan, loves that the event inspired team work, while also providing an outlet to just have fun! Whole Life Kicks finished out the daylong competition in 3rd place with a 2-2 record.

Article and Photos by Laura Kahl

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