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Unlicensed Programs

Unlicensed Programs are a collection of services that are provided in a person’s own home, or in the community. Therefore, they are not licensed like a Facility or Residential home would be.

Home and Community Habilitation is a service that we typically provide in a 1:1 ratio. There are some instances of a (1) staff to (2) person ratio, if the individuals choose to work on similar outcomes while maintaining a relationship. This service provides the opportunity for people to work on everyday life skills in their own home or the community. People are working on attaining, increasing, or maintaining skills that are important to them. The scope of what they may work on includes:

*Personal shopping and errands

*Personal hygiene and looking their best, which may include hair and nails appointments

*In home skills may include cooking, cleaning, laundry, or going to the laundry mat. We support people

  in learning to do those things by working alongside them and helping, but these things are not

  completed alone by staff.

*Community Events, activities and socialization

*Medical appointments/Personal wellness/Fitness and exercise

*Outdoor Activities such as hunting and fishing


Companion Services are provided in a 1:1 ratio. They may include what is listed above, but without outcomes. Staff are there to ensure the person’s health and safety needs.


Respite – for part of a day or overnight, in the person’s home or staff’s home.

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