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Residential Program

Whole Life Services is unique. Everyone who receives Residential Habilitation Services, whether through Life Sharing or an Individualized Home, is someone we already know. Whole Life only accepts referrals for Residential Services for people who we already serve in one of our other programs. We believe that a person’s home should be a safe, intimate place. We are not able to create a space like this without knowing a person well, and having built a relationship with them. After this we can support them better by providing staff that they already know, or who will work well with them.

Due to changes in our county, we have barriers to creating (1) and (2) person homes.  We may have more than (2) people in (1) home.  We strive to match roommates and staff to ensure positive outcomes.  We make changes when necessary.  We continue to ensure that we can support people in being included in the community based on their chosen activities and interests.  It is difficult to do this when supporting (3) or more people. As we support adults, we believe it is more normal to have (1) roommate as opposed to (2) or (3).​  We ask the people we support to participate in making choices about their home as appropriate.  We ask what color people like, what their aesthetic is, and what car they may want at their home.  We do our best to make their home “theirs." ​ All adults have the desire to be independent and make their own choices, and we must support people to do so. We evaluate the level of supervision a person needs, and if possible, afford them the opportunity to be alone, but safe.  We support people in having privacy, and controlling their own lives.


Once you have been served in one of Whole Life’s other programs, you may live in one of our Individual’s homes. 

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