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Our Mission, Vision, & Values


Whole Life Services provides people with support to create a meaningful and purposeful life, by making informed choices and their own decisions.


The people we support will have an everyday life, by participation in their community, working for a competitive wage or through an entrepreneurial venture, and living where they choose. This will be accomplished by supporting them to feel safe, comfortable and accepted, and by educating the community.


Our Values:

We do not exclude any person from our services based on the type or extent

of their disability, unless we feel we would not be able to meet their needs

and provide quality supports.


We are passionate about serving people who have a desire to live

the life they want, and who will let us help them accomplish their

dreams. We will do this by listening as people, not by identifying

deficits that need changed by prescribed, corrective services.


We will move away from practices that segregate and stigmatize

people, and work to break down negative perceptions and enhance

their status. We do not seek “special classes” or opportunities, but

instead work for inclusion and participation with other citizens in the



We will support people in maintaining relationships with Family and Friends, as paid supports are never a substitute for, or of greater importance than these relationships.


The staff of Whole Life Services will maintain a teachable spirit, seek guidance by leaders in our field who share our values, and fiercely advocate for the best practices.


A Letter From the CEO;


Whether you are considering Whole Life Services Inc. to provide you with supports and services, someone looking for a career opportunity, or someone who would like to invest in, and support our agency by volunteering, serving on our Board, or donating financially, we first want you to know who we are. Whole Life Services Inc. was conceived in the year 2000, and opened on September 4th, 2001. The founders used a tool called a “PATH” to create the agency.


PATH is a Person-Centered Planning tool used to help individuals receiving both unpaid, and paid supports make a plan to achieve their dreams and outcomes. As using PATH led to the success of Whole Life, we know it, and other person-centered plans can help the people we serve attain their dreams, and the life they choose. We support people in doing this by embracing the philosophy that choice, relationships, and community engagement work together to improve the quality of life for everyone.


Whole Life Services wants to work with each person seeking supports, and their chosen team, in becoming as independent as possible, having relationships with the people they choose, seeking work to do something that reflects their passion, and in being part of their community in the way they want. Every team member, including parents and guardians contribute, but the choices of who we serve is most important. We admit people to our program who need services and supports, and who are committed to accepting the support we offer.


Please explore our website, social media, or our written literature. I like to hear from people who inquire about Whole Life, so give me a call, and if needed I will refer you to the appropriate person.

Cindy F. Vogan, CEO

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