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Community Participation & Supports

The Adult Training Facility is located in Linden Pointe, in Hermitage. Also part of Linden Pointe’s landscape are doctor’s offices, Butler Community College (BC3); the E Center which promotes entrepreneurs, and Penn North West Development. The area affords the people we serve the opportunity to explore their interests in an inclusive, integrated environment where they have access to walking trails and green spaces. The Facility has an outdoor garden and shelter, where the individuals grow vegetables in the summer. There are always walkers from the community to chat with, and dogs to pet!

Community Participation is the service provided through this facility. We promote choices that will result in the people we serve being able to leave the facility and be part of their community. This is more than going out on a trip or visit, as we support people to become involved in meeting people, volunteering, participating in available activities in the community, and venturing out to neighboring communities to enjoy places of interest that are fun and educational.

When people decide to not go out, they may exercise, participate in cooking, creative arts, enjoy personalized sensory areas, and other activities of their choice. Whole Life will continually help people explore their interests, so they may make informed choices, and feel safe and comfortable to spend more time in the community.

These services are provided in ratios conducive to each person’s needs: 1:6, 1:2 or 3, 2:3, 1:1. 1:6 ratio is only delivered in the facility.

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