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Get 2 Work to Productions is another business incubated by Whole Life that grew out of one individual’s need to work on sight words, reading, and communications skills. We decided to work on this through a practical application of these skills. A creative way to do this was to broadcast current events in the community, the weather, sports, or by talking about personal interests.
This evolved into other people we serve wanting to participate. Individuals may be the anchor of the program, or participate in the production process. We first used a tablet, and then attained a grant for production quality equipment. We realized what we were doing had professional quality, and could grow into paid work opportunities. We tested this by filming a local community event which included interviews conducted by an individual we serve. We received such great reviews, that we now knew we had a real production company – Get 2 Work Productions, who now has a growing list of satisfied clientele and is always looking for opportunities to meet your video production needs. 


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