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Snow Day Policy

Whole Life Services Inc.’s Snow Day Policy requires a balance between ensuring that individuals and families we serve receive the services as written in their ISP, while making safety our primary concern for our individuals and staff.


We have evaluated our policy and we will use the following procedures:

A  Shut-Down Day will occur when schools or other facilities close due to poor road conditions. There will be no services offered on a Shut-Down Day. Whole Life Services will post the shut-down message on WFMJ 21 News. Sometimes schools close due to cold temperatures as students may walk to school or wait at a bus stop. This is not the case as WLS provides transportation services from your home, or a sheltered pick up point. (Note: you may sign up for 21 News Text Alerts which will quickly notify you of closings).

Whole Life Service’s programs do not operate on a delay, although service recipients will need to be patient for their ride to arrive in inclement weather.  We will make every attempt to inform you when our Vans or other Direst Support Professionals are behind schedule.

If you receive services at the Adult Training Facility and will not be attending, please inform Donna Nicastro at 724-981-9535, as you would to call of at any time of the year. She will notify the Van Driver.

If you receive Unlicensed Services and are picked up by a Direct Support Professional, and will not be attending, call our office at 724-347-5595 and leave a message at extension: 114.  We require a (2) hour notice to inform the staff, so if your services begin at 7:30 or earlier, please call our On Call phone at 724-977-4077. Do not call off to Direct Support Professionals.  A manager at the office or a manager who is on-call must be informed.

Your Program Manager will be contacting you if your drive way, or the area in which you live is difficult to get to when the roads are bad. We will make a plan to address your needs.  It may be that the services are provided in your home to avoid staff and individuals navigating poor road conditions. Or, a pick up point may be identified that is a safe place at which the Direct Support Professional can meet you.

Whether it is pick up, or drop off time, communication and patience are important for a safe winter season for everyone.  If you have any questions please call us.

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