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Reporting Off Procedure

I. Procedure for calling off at the Adult Training Facility:

a. You may call the ATF Director at home the night before if you know you will not be coming in the next day.

b. If you call off in the morning, please do so BEFORE your van is scheduled to come so the ATF Director can alert the van driver.

c. You should call the ATF Director at home.

II.  Procedure for calling off for Unlicensed Programs: Home and Community Habilitation; Companion Services; Community Employment, and Respite.

a. You can call the night before if you know you will be off the next day. OR, you should call off at least (2) hours before your staff is scheduled to arrive.

b. For Example: If your staff is scheduled to pick you up at 9:00 AM, you should call in by 7:00 AM. This is very important. The Direct Support Professionals are required to show up on time.  Some of them drive a distance to get to your home, so prompt notification is necessary and appreciated.

c. You will call the office at 724-347-5595.  A Manager does not come in until 7:30 AM,  so if it is the night before, or before 7:30 AM, choose extension #114 and leave your message.


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