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Welcoming Spring with a Successful Pace at the Pointe 2024!

The day started off a little on the chilly side, but once the sun came out and our racers got their blood pumping, it ended up being the perfect day for a race! Attendance was the best we've had in recent years, enabling us to raise plenty of funds which will go towards purchasing activities and items for our individuals, while enhancing opportunities for community engagement.

This year, we had some new runners, including our good friend Joey. This was his first ever 5K! He did not train in advance, but he pushed himself to his limits and made sure to finish the race strong! His favorite part was the friendly competition between he and his peers, and the encouragement that everyone offered each other to do their best. He is excited to compete again next year, but plans to train in advance this time. "I would like to practice running and walking, and maybe some jogging, so that I can do better next year! I might walk the next one, but run through the finish line," he exclaimed with a big smile!

We would like to offer our sincerest thanks to all of our attendees! Your continued support of our programs goes a long way in helping us provide quality services for our individuals! We would also like to thank all of our volunteers and sponsors who help to make this event possible each year. Your generosity is very much recognized, and appreciated!

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Articles and Photos by Laura Kahl

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