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Confections Division of Weber Catering & Events, LLC

"The composition of our chocolate confections and cookies creates employment for all of our staff, including our especially gifted staff at our It'Sweet confections division of Weber Catering & Events, LLC.  This is in cooperation with Whole Life Services, Inc., who provides services and support for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Transforming life into living life... It'Sweet!"

The History of It'Sweet


It’Sweet started around 2009, as “Pretzel Pals.”  Bobby and Doug, two best friends receiving services at Whole Life, wanted a fun way to learn new skills and make money.  They decided that they would like to learn how to create chocolate covered pretzel rods.  Initially they would make small batches and sell them.  They would purchase their own ingredients, produce the pretzels with the guidance of staff, and split the profits from all sales between each other.  The pretzels were a huge hit, so they decided to put out order forms to WLS staff, and eventually other individual’s families, to try to increase sales.  Around the holidays, they would browse Pinterest with their staff to find fun new seasonal treats that could be offered.  This would expand their offerings beyond just chocolate dipped pretzels to now include all kinds of chocolate covered confections including Strawberries, Oreos, Nutter Butters, and more!  The popularity of the sweets prompted Bobby and Doug to recruit some of the other WLS individuals to help them keep up with demand, and also earn some money.  This is when “Pretzel Pals” transitioned into an early version of “It’Sweet.”  Now employing several individuals and offering their most diverse menu yet, It’Sweet began searching for someone in the community to partner with who might take over operations, and offer the individuals integrated employment.  After a fateful meeting with Michonda Weber, owner of Weber Catering in New Wilmington, talks began about a collaboration between WLS and the catering company.  In early 2017, It’Sweet became the official confections division of Weber Catering.  Over the years, It’Sweet expanded their talents and not only offers a variety of chocolate covered tasty treats, but also a vast variety of cookies.  Weber Catering now provides meaningful employment to several WLS individuals, who have become a vital part of the Weber Catering family.

Our Products

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