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Community Participation group attends live wrestling event at Petersen Events Center

If you've spent any amount of time around Whole Life, you're aware of the large amount of HUGE wrestling fans who attend our programs. Back in October, an extremely enthusiastic group of those fans attended a live AEW event at Petersen Event Center on Pitt's campus. There was enough excitement in the air to power a small town, as everyone was glued to the center of the auditorium. Most of the matches were televised, while others were taped for future use. The night also included a "fight" which took place in the stands, featuring wrestling superstar, Chris Jericho. Another notable appearance was made by the Steeler's own Mascot; "Steely McBeam".

The WLS crew had an awesome time and none of them can wait until they get to do it again. Be sure to check out the pictures below. Note: No one in the group was actually "arrested" by Pittsburgh Police :).

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