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No Drip About It, Michelle Has Found Her Calling!

Last week, Michelle had the opportunity to learn a new painting technique - acrylic pouring.

There are many different techniques you can use to produce an acrylic pour. The method Michelle used involved her layering different colors of paint into one cup, which she then slowly poured directly onto the canvas. After emptying her paint, she then tilted it in all directions until the paint fully covered the canvas, revealing a beautiful design. Finally, she used a stylus to add in a few personal touches!

When asked what her favorite parts of the process were she exclaimed, "Pouring the paint on, and using that little knife to make my own designs!" She is very excited to try out the various pouring techniques, as well as the different tools available, to see how the designs are affected by them. She stated that she would love to do as many acrylic pours as she can! I think it's safe to say that she has found a new favorite way to express her creativity!

Photos by Katie Hetrick

Video by Laura Kahl

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