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Myron's Meal Mobile Returns!!!

For its second year, Myron's Meal Mobile is returning to Mercer County! The mission of the truck is to provide hot, nutritious meals to families in need. Each day of the week the bus shows up at a different location. "Meals are not just a brown bag lunch," states Whole Life employee, Lynn McCormick. "They're hot and nutritious according to the USDA Plates standard."

"This year is going to be better than ever! The goal is to provide 100 lunches each day. The locations are selected based on population of need." McCormick loves working on the bus where she job coaches different WLS individuals. "It's a great opportunity for them as it provides employment, as well as community inclusion, and develops their work ethic."

Myron's Meal Mobile is a partnership between the Community Food Warehouse of Mercer County, and Weber Catering, who employs several of our individuals.

Watch out for Lynn and Stephanie in the news story below, which was featured on WKBN news! You can also see the location schedule for the food bus at the bottom of the page.

Story by Laura Kahl and Lynn McCormick

Video courtesy of WKBN News

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