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"It'Sweet Sessions" Now Being Offered!

Learn how to do everything from crocheting to making chocolates, cakes, pies, etc... from the Pros at It'Sweet and Weber Catering.

Starting in January (through March), 2020 It'Sweet and Weber Catering & Events will be offering a myriad of classes for participants to learn how to make all kinds of sweets, confections, and yes... even brush up on your crocheting skills. If you know Weber Catering and It'Sweet, you know how delicious and unique their high-quality creations are. You can learn from the best, so you can be a pro at your next party or group function!

Available Classes:

1. Learn to Crochet- Learn how to crochet or brush-up on your current skills!

2. Cake and Sip- "Mocktails"- Enjoy making a non-alcoholic "Mocktail" then sip and learn to make some frosting flowers and decorate a small, signature Weber Catering frosted cake!

3. Life is Like a Box of Chocolates- Learn how It'Sweet designs beautiful chocolate confections!

4. Making Nancy's Famous Apple Dumplings- Learn to make Nancy's famous apple dumplings with local Apple Castle apples!

5. Celebrating Pi/Pie Making- Learn to make a pie from crust to baked!

6. Irish Fudge and Truffles- Make some Bailey's fudge and truffles for good luck and Irish celebrations!

7. Tea and Manners With a Princess- Dress up and learn to set a table, have an elegant tea with Royalty!

Some classes are only 1 session, while others are multiple sessions. You can check out the class schedule, location, details, cost, and other info by clicking: HERE.


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