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It'Sweet's Pastry Chef, Wanda Bigler Shows Her Skills at V2 Expo

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Recently, Valley Voices hosted a Business Expo at the Shenango Valley Mall, featuring several local businesses. Michonda Weber (of Weber Catering and It'Sweet) was on hand to demonstrate how to decorate various cakes, while Wanda Bigler (It'Sweet's Assistant Kitchen Prep Chef) demonstrated how to pipe icing on sugar cookies. Many onlookers received free samples of their work after viewing the presentation.

"This was a great opportunity for It'Sweet to receive some recognition and Wanda did a fabulous job executing the demonstration with Michonda"; said Dai Mikulin of WLS. On top of that, Wanda really enjoyed herself and loved donning her Chef Gear and receiving applause from the crowd.

-Story and Photo by: Dai Mikulin

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