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Finding Purpose Premier at Cinema 8 (and why you should be there)

"FINDING PURPOSE: The Road To Redemption"; Premiering FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22 at CINEMA 8 in HERMITAGE, PA (7:30 PM). Tickets are available online and at the box office. There is LIMITED SEATING and will be the only time its shown until its theatrical get your tickets soon!


"Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption" is the story of John Kayhill, a U.S. Army veteran of the Bosnian War, who is trying to overcome the effects of the PTSD he suffered. His wife Skye, his mentally disabled brother Rod and he journey on an old sidecar motorcycle that was given to John by a close war buddy, who had recently passed away from a heart attack. John decides to travel to the family of one of his fallen veteran brothers in an attempt to bring closure for them, but also for him. The film follows the trio through an inspirational journey of trials and triumphs, which enables John to find his road to redemption. -Eye on Excellence

Why YOU should attend the Premier:

A handful of scenes in the movie were either shot at Whole Life Services and/or contain actors and extras who are Whole Life staff and/or Consumers. Get 2 Work Productions chipped in (along with Laura Kahl) by shooting most of the "behind the scenes" footage and stills. By attending the Premier, you will be supporting a great local filmmaker (John Reign), Pole Star Studios, Whole Life Services, Inc. and (most importantly) the staff and consumers who show up in the movie, including: Barb Chavers, Roger Brown, Geno Blair, Brian Jordan, Susan Borawski, Sherry Miller, Scott Davis, Lauren Tice, Lynn McCormick, Ashley Spears, Allante Daniels, Aleesha King, Mandy Carlson, and Laura Kahl. Lastly, for every picture taken with the Stars of the film at the Red Carpet Premier, John Reign and Pole Star Studios will donate 100% of the profits to Whole Life Services.

IMDb: The Internet Movie Data Base (IMDb) is the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. Recently, the group photo that Laura Kahl took the day of shooting at our Linden Pointe location (below) was added as one of the stills featured on the IMDb page for Finding Purpose, The Road to Redemption. You can check out the IMDb post here.

Polestar Studios Facebook post:

-Story by: Mark Buchanan/Pole Star Studios

-Photos by: Laura Kahl/Pole Star Studios

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