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ATP Dinner Brings Out the Black & Gold

Adventures in Training With a Purpose (ATP) is a christian, non-profit organization focused on helping those most in need to improve their quality of life through an adventure of purposeful physical training. 4 X Super Bowl Champion, John Kolb, founder of ATP and his staff hosted their annual fund raiser dinner at The Lemont on Pittsburgh's Mount Washington. In preparation for the fund raiser, John and his staff approached Get 2 Work Productions and asked for their help in editing and completing their video presentation for the dinner.

Franco Harris graciously posing for a quick picture with Geno and Laura of G2W Productions.

Geno Blair, Director of Get 2 Work Productions considered the task an honor and started on the project immediately. With the help of John Kolb, Sarah Watkins, and Caleb Kolb providing voice-overs, along with Laura Kahl assisting with production, the video was successfully completed. Because of their hard work on the video production, Get 2 Work's own Geno Blair and Laura Kahl were invited to attend ATP's fundraiser Dinner on May 20th.

The evening was hosted by former Pittsburgh Steeler, Tunch Ilkin and many other former Steelers, including: Franco Harris, Rocky Bleier, Larry Brown, Randy Grossman, Will Allen, "Moon" Mullens, Mike Adams, JT Thomas, Arthur Moats, Mike Logan, and Craig Wolfley.

The evening also featured addresses from Caleb Kolb, John Kolb,

Farrell Schools Superintendent, Dr. Lora Adams-King, and a very special address from former Marine, Eric Burkett, who is successful ATP client.

The dinner also hosted an auction which included autographed Steelers jerseys and a one-of a-kind live painting of John Kolb and Franco Harris. All proceeds from the auction directly benefit ATP and pays for their client's care. You can support ATP, personally by clicking HERE.

Photos by: Laura Kahl

Story by: Mark Buchanan

Video by: Geno Blair/Get 2 Work Productions

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