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"  As parents of a special needs adult child, we only want the best for our daughter, as all parents do. After leaving the public-school system she attended Whole Life Services. They treat each person as an individual, with different needs, abilities, and personalities. As the years pass and we are aging, we know that she is in good hands at WLS. One of the services they offer is Residential Homes. She is in a 2-person home with 24-hour care. Her needs are met, ...from doctor & dentist appointments to social outings, and every-day life. She is becoming more mature, independent, and visits us regularly (as we are only a daily phone call away).


She is happy at her new home and enjoys life at her level. The staff at WLS are caring, dedicated, and dependable. Enrolling our daughter in Whole Life Services’ programs was the best decision we ever made for her well- being. It gives us peace of mind to know that she is well taken care-of and happy with her life. Whole Life Services has done this for both us and for our daughter.”

-Maryanne B.

Photos by: Laura Kahl Photography

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