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WLS Metalsmithing Class Participants Unveil Traveling Exhibit

Over the past year, Studio C has been hosting a Metalsmithing Class taught by local artisan, Donna Little of DK Studios. The class focused on creating a variety of jewelry derived from various metals. The experience was enjoyed by everyone who attended and in October, the idea of a "Community Art Project" was initiated. Various class members, along with members of the community collaborated on the project, which took several months to complete.

The project was funded by a grant from The Erie Art Council and headed up by Donna Little. For months, several different artists collaborated visions in making their own unique designs to be added to the project. This included Mary Ann Johnson, Laura Kahl, Jessica Maule, Emilie Cooper, Marian Mastrian, Sherrie Miller, Celeste Piciacchio, Penny Kahl, Jane Dean, Barbara Chavers, Rachel Smith, Christina Bochert, Autumn Rayburn, Jacob Kester, Katarina Lewis, Cathy Szabo, Dakota McFall, Michael D., Gianna Serignese, Matt Balczon, Bernie Pompelia, Christen Duerring, and Lisa Collins. Brian Jackal, Christine Lawrence, and Mark Buchanan pitched in by making the pipe and wood display stand.

Like the display stand, the piece is compiled of various types of metals and wood. The traveling exhibit will be on display at several local businesses throughout the coming months for members of the community to enjoy.

Story by: Mark Buchanan

Photos by: Laura Kahl & Katie Hetrick

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