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Whole Life CEO featured in September issue of "Valley Voices"magazine

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

On September 4th, Whole Life Services, Inc. will celebrate its 18th year of providing

quality, individualized supports in the surrounding community. Whole Life's CEO, Cindy Vogan, has spent the majority of those 18 years advocating for individuals and families throughout the Shenango Valley. Cindy has spent many years of hard work building social capital, and forging relationships with local (and state-wide) partners, organizations, businesses, and mentors which has culminated into WLS gaining notoriety within our field, community, and state over the past several years.

In the September issue of "Valley Voices" Taylor Sherman wrote an article named; "Making a Difference... (faces of local non-profit agencies)" which included a segment on Cindy and Whole Life Services (below).

Forward by: Mark Buchanan

Article/Photos by: Taylor Sherman (Valley Voices)

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