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Watch out, Lauren Daigle! Jimmy's coming for ya!

This past weekend, our good friend Jimmy had the opportunity to sing with a friend at her church. Singing has always been one of Jimmy's passions - he is always listening to music and belting along with the likes of Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, and John Cena. I recently had the chance to ask Jimmy a few questions about his experience and he excitedly shared his insight with me!

Laura K: Jimmy, how did your performance at church come about? Were you asked to sing, or did you offer up your services to the church?

Jimmy: I asked my friend if I could sing at her church. She and I went to the minister and talked to him, and he said I could sing anytime I wanted, just let him know!

LK: How did you prepare for your performance?

J: I practiced at the CPS facility, at the church, and at home with my CD.

LK: What did the congregation think of your performance? Did anybody ask you for your autograph afterwards? What do I have to do to get an autograph?

J: My first performance was the outside service. They all greeted me as they drove into the parking lot. After I sang, they honked, and honked, and honked their car horns! My second performance was inside the church. The congregation clapped, and clapped! Some people shook my hand as I went down the aisle. No autographs!

LK: Jimmy, I thought we were friends! So how did sharing your talent for singing with the community make you feel?


LK: Lastly, and most importantly, are you planning any more performances in the future?

J: YES I AM!!!

Please feel free to watch this video of Jimmy's debut performance of Trust In You by Lauren Daigle, courtesy of Kim Sackett.

Article by Laura Kahl - Video by Kim Sackett

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