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Studio C- Managed Gift Shop at Sharon Regional Medical Center Re-opens December 3rd.

After several months of planning and preparation, Whole Life Services will open Olive’s Place Boutique and Gift Shop at Sharon Regional Medical Center. To operate the shop, Whole Life Services individuals and staff have completed rigorous onboarding as Sharon Regional volunteers. Visitors and employees of the hospital will be able to purchase Studio C consignment items, flowers, cards, magazines, and candies.

The shop is named after Olive Thompson, who retired at the age of 101 after volunteering at the hospital for more than 50 years.

Olive passed away in August. She was 103 years young. Good luck to Whole Life gift shop team members: Thomas, TC, Emilie, DeWayne, Harley, Larry, Nate, Sheri, Roger, Scott, Cori, and Lauren whom will be assisted by Laura Murray, Holly Macchia, Lynn McCormick, and Lori Moore. Thank you, Tom O’Brien, Mary Ann Johnson, and Mark Buchanan for setting up the shop. Your patience is noted and appreciated.

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