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"Serene Surroundings"

Recently, a small group from WLS traveled to Cook Forest to hone their natural photography skills and see some of Pennsylvania's most historic landscapes. This 6- County excursion took the crew through several beautiful wooded areas, full of wildlife, forestry, and history. One of the highlights of the trip was visiting Seneca Point, a fire tower built in 1929 which is 87 ft. tall, consisting of 15 flights of stairs.

The group took many pictures of their natural surroundings and also made stops along the way at the visitor's center to check out maps and taxidermy wild animals along with running into a few "live" animals; deer, a snake eating a toad, and a rock that looks like a turtle. They also toured "Forest Cathedral", which is made up of ancient pine and hemlock trees. "The Ancients" (as its also called) is a National Natural Landmark.

Before heading back home, the crew went through Clear Creek State Park, which sits along the windy Clarion River and then headed back to civilization.

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