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Quack Attack!!!

The other day, Michelle and Lorraine were on their daily walk out by the newly formed pond at the rear of our facility, but they realized that something was missing! They asked themselves what the pond needed, and Michelle exclaimed, “A DUCK!” They consulted with Whole Life’s resident hunter, Geno, to see if he had any decoys that they could set afloat. He brought in a drake and a hen, and explained the differences between the two to everyone. “A mallard drake, which is male, has a green head and is more colorful. A mallard hen, the female, has a brown head,” explained Geno. Today, Michelle and Lorraine went back to launch the decoys with the help of Darlene and Susan. Darlene had to fight the urge to just let go of Lorraine and let her take a swim. Michelle would like to add, “feel free to visit our new duck pond, but please don’t feed the fake ducks!”

Article contributed by Michelle and Lorraine.

Photos contributed by Laura Kahl.

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