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Out Horsin' Around!

This past Tuesday, Cali and Christine traveled out to Heart Therapeutic Riding and Equine Rescue to visit with the animals. Cali has been a long time volunteer at the farm and loves what she does there. "My favorite part of the day was taking good care of the horses! I had tons of fun at the horse farm," exclaimed Cali. Some of Cali's duties at the farm are brushing the horses, and feeding and watering them. Some days she gets to ride one of the horses, but wasn't able to this week due to the cooler weather. Tuesday she got to go "4-wheelin'" with Linda, the farm's owner, to deliver hay and feed to the horses out in the field. She also got to groom one of their new rehab horses, Faith, who happens to be blind. Finally, Cali got to visit with all of the barn cats, which is her favorite thing to do while there.

For more information on Heart Therapeutic Riding and Equine Rescue and how you can donate to their organization, please visit their Facebook page at:

Photos by Christine Hamilton

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