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"Makin' waves and catchin' rays"

What started out as tribute to the cast of "Gilligan's Island" almost ended up like the original plot of the TV show as the "3 hour tour" met heavy rains late in the day. Pontoon day was once a staple of Whole Life's Summer activities, but (after a several year hiatus) has finally returned for the Summer of 2019. So, 3 different groups of consumers and staff enjoyed a day of pontoon boating and fun in the sun last week.

As mentioned above, the full "cast" of "Gilligan's Island" were on-hand to recreate one of Classic TV's most popular shows; with "Gilligan, The Skipper too, The Millionaire and his Wife, The Movie Star, The Professor, and Mary Ann". Aside from the heavy rains late in the afternoon, everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time out in the open waters of Shenango Lake.

Everyone looks forward to doing it again next summer and ...who knows, maybe we'll have a "Jaws" or "Titanic" cast- themed trip planned by then.

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