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"Lights, Camera, Action!"

In some of the biggest news to happen to Whole Life Services in recent times, we were selected (in conjunction with Get 2 Work Productions) to be part of a full-fledged film production. Local film maker, John Reign & Crew (Pole Star Productions) made a movie named; "Finding Purpose", (which premiered earlier this year). The film is about a troubled Bosnian War Veteran who fights to provide continued care for his brother (that has special needs), whom the state is trying to remove from his care, due to poor living conditions. The character is based on John's late brother who also had special needs.

A few months ago, Get 2 Work's Geno Blair was involved in a project with Martisse Macri, who airs a current events podcast. "Finding Purpose" had just premiered the night before at Cinema 8 in Hermitage, which Martisse had attended. She just happened to mention attending the premier to Geno. Geno was not aware of the project or the premier and decided to look John Reign up on the internet. After seeing some of his work and researching the movie, he contacted John (since he was local) to ask him for some tips and production pointers. One thing led to another and soon Geno was meeting with John regarding his (John's) next project. Before you know it, the Greenlight was given and WLS was given an awsome opportunity to be part of it.

While we cannot go into detail right now (as the project is still in production) we can say that a handful of scenes were shot at WLS, which included several WLS Consumers and Staff as actors, production crew, and extras. Cleveland's own "The Mummy and the Monkey" also dropped by and hung out for the day, meeting the Whole Life crew that were on hand and helping out behind the scenes (even sending everyone they met a free t-shirt and giving WLS a shout-out on their podcast). Once the project is completed and released, we will have more info on when/where everyone can see what was captured. Until then, you can bet that it's going to be good!

Story by: Mark Buchanan/Geno Blair

Photos by: Laura Kahl

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