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Get-2-Work Crew Meets With TV Producer/Director

Get-2-Work Director, Geno Blair, and two of his crew, Ashley and Brian, recently visited Thiel College to meet with David McWhirter, a TV Producer/Director. McWhirter is a native of Greenville, but has made a name for himself in Hollywood directing for TV shows such as All-American, The Flash, Supergirl, and Quantico. Geno and crew met with McWhirter to pitch their idea for a short film they would like to make, and to take a tour of Thiel's production space.

For more information on McWhirter's visit to Thiel please visit the following link to view the article on Thiel's website. Be sure to look for Get-2-Work being mentioned!

Photos by Melinda Bowen-Houck

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