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"Dog Day Afternoon"

In July 2019, WLS collected two big boxes worth of pet food, treats, toys, grooming, products, etc... for Strayhaven Animal Shelter in Greenville. Stray Haven was really grateful for the donation, which lead to the opening of volunteering opportunities for Whole Life consumers. WLS Staffer, Lynn McCormick (who lead the group) sreported the following; "They first asked people if they were comfortable around the animals. After choosing good candidates who were open to volunteer, we were given a release form to sign to be taken with us. On the form it asked what activities you want to do with either the dogs, cats or both (i.e. grooming, walking, feeding, cleaning). We stayed together and discussed each person's interests and what they wanted to do. We discussed proper handling of the animals and some safety tips. Strayhaven was more than accommodating and let us take a pup named "Lady" for a walk and pet her (providing a leash and a poop bag if we needed it...) Scott, Joey, and Ashley enjoyed the experience and requested to go back and volunteer again sometime. This would be a perfect place to volunteer for anyone who likes animals. We will be going back!"

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