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Do you worry that getting a job will affect your Social Security Benefits?


Do you worry that getting a job and being paid will affect your social security benefits? Many people do. But you can work without it affecting your benefits.

Employment is a top priority for the Office of Developmental Programs. Because of this, the person-family directed services (PFDS) waiver funding offers an extra $15,000 for these services so other services do not have to change. The consolidated waiver does not have a cap on funding making it easier for additional employment services. All providers train staff who job coach through a specialized course called ACRE so they are well trained before they job coach.

Most importantly, think about how working may affect someone’s life. Many people who work get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from working. It may increase self-esteem. It is fulfilling to get a paycheck and use your own money to purchase something you want. Work environments provide friendship and the opportunity for socialization.

People with disabilities are often “forever volunteers”. They do for free what others get paid to do. That is something we are no longer permitted to do.

Paula Galmarini, (formerly Paula Moore), has attained certification as a Benefits Counselor, and can present the facts to alleviate your worries about working and social security benefits.

Please join us on Wed., March 8th, at 5:00 pm, at our administrative offices at 1565 East State Street to learn more about this. Hear some stories about how working has transformed some lives. What will it hurt to come listen?

Please RSVP to Tracy Templeton for our “Benefits Counseling Meeting”, so we can plan seating and refreshments accordingly. (724) 347-5595. If you have any question call me.

Thank you, and hope to see you there!

Cindy Vogan

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