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All The World's A Stage

During the month of February, Roger Brown and Ashley Spears attended a class on the “Introduction to Acting Techniques” that was offered at BC3 - Lawrence Crossing in New Castle, PA. The Instructor, Shaun Reitman, taught the class different exercises for vocal projection and enunciation, memorization, physical and mental relaxation techniques, improvising dialogue, and understanding physical and emotional reactions while working (acting) with others. Ashley and Roger enjoyed interacting with different students and during the final class, they contributed their own characters and dialogue for a short play that was written throughout and performed at the end of class. When asked what her favorite part of the class was, Ashley replied “Everything! I want to be an actress someday!”. At the end of one of the classes, the teacher showed a video clip of the Broadway Musical “Hamilton”. Roger enjoyed what he saw so much, he wrote down all the information so he could listen to the soundtrack and expressed his interest in someday performing “on stage”. The class provided an excellent opportunity for Roger and Ashley to further explore the craft of acting and how they can use different methods to communicate and tell stories. They are both excited and ready to share what they learned with the world when the next “Get-2-Work Production” comes along.

Article and Photos by Geno Blair

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