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"Hands only" CPR class offers both; new and exciting experience

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Recently, several consumers from Whole Life Services, inc. attended a "Hands only" CPR and "Stop the Bleed" classes, provided by Sharon Regional's Diagnostic Center. The Hands Only CPR was taught by 2 American Red Cross Instructors, while Cory Fenton instructed WLS consumers on "Stop the bleed". The CPR class had participants practice thrusts on squeezable ambulances.

Stop the Bleed is a program beyond traditional First Aid created by the Department of Homeland Security that teaches citizens how to respond in a mass casualty situation. Pressure, Pack and Tourniquet are key words to remember. Students practiced tying off a wound on plastic arms. Both sessions were attended by both; WLS consumers and some of their staff members and had a blast learning various life-saving techniques!

Story by: Tracy Shliep

Photos by: Barb Chavers

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